Something great is coming up!

A great game update is coming up!

For both Autumn and Omega Moon as a whole, I've been thinking about making a huge impact on the game so far, and while I'm having a lot of problem with the third episode because his online nature with Unity is a literal mess in 3D, I think it's time to make it a whole, without the separation between episode 1, 2 and three. This will take a lot of time but I promise it will be worth it, that's why from next month I might delete episode 1 and create "Omega Moon Complete" which won't be a final product yet though, it's still to early. I know the most liked games of mine are the Episode 2 and Autumn, that's why the latter game will receive a huge update as well, I've been inspired by a recent comment about the game complaining about how it basically is too buggy and complex, that's why I decided to actually analyze every flaw of the game and fix it thinking "how can I solve the complains and make a better game as well?" so I started working on what will be the next update for both games, it will be worth the wait! Thank you for all the support so far I love you, meanwhile enjoy the sight of the whole game world without filters and as big as it should be, would you change something? I'd make it even bigger, but maybe later lol.

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