The game is now way darker, literally 

 Enemies might drop some items at a higher rate

Updated the main quest

Added more dialogues

Modified some maps

Modified the fog, I made every level darker 

 The game is now longer and more complete

Added new music themes

Added new side quests

Added new enemies

Added new NPCs

Added new activities

Added new abilities

Added new armors 

 Added new weapons

Added more freedom

 Added new side jobs

Added adaptive difficulty, the better you play, the harder the games become, to keep it challenging!

 Adjusted a bit day and night cycle and weather effects

Fixed some dialogues

Fixed a bug that prevented the game from continuing for some players

Fixed a big that didn't allow you to fish properly

Porting the previous version save should work this time

SPOILER Now you can drink from water in the forest

And more that can be discovered by you :)

Known bug

Day and Night cycle is conflicting with Moon's atmosphere so you'll see weird color effects, pretend it's normal!


My friend Andrea that despite everything is still inspiring me

Hakuen for the map reveal fog

Raizen for Triple Triad and its cards

Casper Gaming for the menu BGM, the ability to quit directly to desktop (in the offline version, not yet) and save files design

Galv for choices and diagonal movements plugin

Horror-RX for some tiles

Yoji Ojima

And last but not least, you my gamers <3


Omega Moon v.1.1 (Early Access)
Sep 18, 2021
Omega Moon v1.1 -offline-
Aug 30, 2021
Omega Moon.zip Play in browser
Aug 29, 2021

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