We’ve reached 65+ download, 15 followers and we’re close to 2k players guys! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH <3

I post a new version of my games every 1st day of any month so stay tuned if you like my games!

Changelog for Early Access ONLY:

-Kind of obvious but, the game is longer than the DEMO (2.5+ hours of gameplay granted)

-Longer main quest

-Removed autosave and saves everywhere, instead you will get save points and they’re are plenty

-Adjusted even more maps, for example Raf’s tent now actually looks like a tent and more

-Added blessings more or less like BOTW’s champions’ powers, explore the kingdom to find them!

-New maps, such as the training grounds, a place filled with monsters to farm XP points quickly

-New activities, such as farming and training. (Seeds are located in Catsag’s INN.)

-Made some areas bigger, I upgraded my screen which means slightly bigger maps

-Made Raf’s story deeper, she has a dark past and sometimes you might get her talking about it

-Deepened the lore of the game even more

Changelog for online, offline, DEMO, Early Access, PC, controller, mobile version

After a lot of testing and bug fixes, here’s november update:

-The game is longer and more complete

-Tweaked a lot of game values such as xp gains, energy required for skills and more

-Fixed some dialogues, literally all of my games had wrong names or the text wasn’t visible

-Fixed another bug that prevented the game from continuing for some players

-Fixed a bug that made voices overlap

-Fixed a bug that food wouldn’t give as much health as it was supposed to

-Fixed A LOT of coordinate issues, no more entering or leaving places will glitch the game

-Enhanced codes for the mobile version, playing on mobile is now way easier

-Enhanced codes for the PC version, playing on PC is a lot more intuitive and allows me to add more

-Enhanced the farming sistem, the code is less chunky every action is in a single code now

-Enhanced musics (They were kinda out of tune before… Right?)

-Porting the previous version save works, to be sure port the save after saving in a building

-Adjusted the main quest, changed some lines and added new hints where needed

-Adjusted the mist, took it off places where you couldn’t even get

-Adjusted some maps design

-New items, such as witches’ heart that can bring people back to life, a Beginni exclusive!

-New actions

-New phone actions

-Added a description to every object

-Added health warnings

-Added Omegamons

-More dialogues

-More freedom

-More (low quality…) voiceovers

-More connections between Omega Moon and Fantasy

-New NPCs

-New weapons

-Deepened the lore of the game

-Made characters story and behaviour a bit deeper and more interesting

-Changed some elements that didn’t make sense as they were before

-Removed elements that didn’t make sense as they were before

-Removed a lot of chunky lines of code, that made my games lighter in size

-Updated the tutorial with every new element I added, you can see the full explanation now

-You can now check characters status such as their description, rank and how much xp to next level

And more that can be discovered by you :)

Known bug

-SPOILER Triple Triaders in the tournament can’t really tell if you won or lost, so they’ll assume you always win even if you lose

-SPOILER sometimes you can’t see Omegamons sprite in battle, I hope it’s just a problem in my PC

Let me know if you find more bugs or leave a comment to let me know if you like what I’m doing, thanks! 


Raizen for Triple Triad and its cards

Casper Gaming for the menu BGM, the ability to quit directly to desktop in the offline version and save files design

Galv for diagonal movements plugin

Horror-RX for some tiles

Yoji Ojima, Enterbrain, ASCII Corporation, Agetec, Degica, Gotcha Gotcha Games

And last but not least, you my gamers <3


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Oct 31, 2021
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Oct 31, 2021
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Oct 31, 2021

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