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Changelog for -1k special- offline version only, for PC and controller

-The game is longer and more complete

-The -1k special- version can be downloaded directly from Itch and is not an external link anymore, hope that will make things easier :)

-Fixed some dialogues

-Fixed another bug that prevented the game from continuing for some players

-Fixed a bug that made wrong text lines or names appear

-Enhanced codes for the touch version, playing with mouse is now a bit easier

-Enhanced codes for the keyboard version, playing is now more intuitive

-Enhanced the farming sistem

-Remade every farming zones

-Porting the previous version save works, to make sure it works port from a save in a building like the INN

-Adjusted the main quest

-Added new items

-Added more dialogues

-Added more freedom

-Added new NPCs

-Deepened the lore of the game

-Modified some maps

-Made characters a bit deeper

-Changed some elements that didn’t make sense as they were before

-Removed elements that didn’t make sense

-Removed a lot of chunky lines of code

-Triple Triad tournament is complete now!

-You can visit pretty much any place!

-Added Omega Fantasy places and characters

-Added more references to Omega Fantasy and game lore

And more that can be discovered by you :)

Known bug

-SPOILER Triple Triaders in the tournament can’t really tell if you won or lost, so they’ll assume you always win even if you lose

-Day and Night cycle conflicts with Moon's atmosphere so you'll see weird color effects, pretend it's normal!


My friend Andrea that despite everything is still inspiring me

Hakuen for the map reveal fog

Raizen for Triple Triad and its cards

Casper Gaming for the menu BGM, the ability to quit directly to desktop (in the offline version, not yet) and save files design

Galv for choices and diagonal movements plugin

Horror-RX for some tiles

Yoji Ojima

And last but not least, you my gamers <3


Omega Moon -1k special-.7z 182 MB
Sep 27, 2021
Omega Moon v1.1 -offline-
Aug 30, 2021
Omega Moon.zip Play in browser
Aug 29, 2021

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