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Full version free for my patreons!

Full version free for my buymeacoffee members!

Take the online and offline demo as a showcase of what to expect in the full version.

This game is still in development, there might be small bugs that will be fixed in future and that might be already fixed in the development version, you can still tell me if you find something off in any way, thank you!

You're a mysterious witch, with a dark backstory, linked to the events of Omega Moon episode 1, but the story itself is still in development.

You may wonder why should you pay for episode 2, well, the reasons are simple: the free version is just a demo, while the paid one will continue forever, has a lot of new features, its story continues and you would support its development! Every amount of money I will gain, will be used for game development, like to get new resources, make greater games and fund my first 3D videogame! This (after Air Rider and Autumn) is one of my biggest project and the more time passes the better the game becomes! I really hope you will find the time to play this game. Thank you very much :)


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Omega Moon episode 2 v1.1 184 MB

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Omega Moon Episode 1 171 MB
Omega Moon Episode 2 -offline demo- 182 MB

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