You're moving to Autumn!

You've inherited your grandparents old farm Autumn.
With just a few coins, you set out to begin your new life!

More than a simple farming simulator :)

enjoy harvesting, cooking, fishing, making friends, breeding, fighting animals' exploiters, selling your products, saving abused animals, hire helpers for the farm and much more while trying to mantain a clean and chill environment, make sure to eat too (you can do it by eating the crops you grow, the fish you catch or the eggs you cook, to sell them get to the tent in the city by following the sandy road)! The game also has an optional story now!

Involves breeding animals, but since I'd feel bad making codes to turn them into meat, you can only grow them to be sold when they're adult and it's not even mandatory! This way I hope I can help fighting animal abuses, that's also why I decided that every donation for this game will be splitted in two: 50% will support the game development and 50% will be given to peta or any other animal supporters you like, I'll also put a name list of every contributor if they like, just make sure to let me know your name in the comments or something :)


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Autumn v1.2 203 MB
Riddle 1 hints 440 bytes
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Riddle 2 hints 462 bytes
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Riddle 3 hints 471 bytes
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Riddle 4 hints 414 bytes
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